What are the goals of SSIP?

SSIP envisions a suburban immigrant community that is empowered and ready to tackle issues. SSIP believes that knowledge is power. All our programs and goals are based on this idea, together with the understanding that change takes time. SSIP is issue-driven and takes stands and positions on policy initiatives that benefit undocumented and other immigrants. The overall goal is to empower immigrants to use their rights, participate more fully in civic life, take action towards social justice, and lead dignified lives.

Why is SSIP important to the southwest suburban community?

The Southwest suburbs of Chicago have experienced a rapid influx of immigrants, many of them Latino. Aurora, Romeoville, Bolingbrook, and Woodridge are all more than 20% foreign-born (almost entirely Latino). Over 54% of undocumented immigrants now live outside of the city of Chicago (Rob Paral) making SSIP’s work crucial.

SSIP is the only organization with a proven and unique community organizing model that is committed to empowering immigrant residents to be part of the decision-making processes of the municipalities, townships, county, state, and nation that they live in, and hold elected officials accountable.

Can I receive legal help from SSIP?

There are only two entities legally authorized to grant legal help—immigration attorneys and accredited representatives at recognized agencies. SSIP is part of a statewide network that includes attorneys and agencies. Call us for more information!

Does SSIP work with other organizations?

Yes, we love our community, state and national partners! If you have an idea for collaboration, we would be happy to hear it, please reach out to us at info@ssipchicago.org.

How can we request a Know Your Rights Training?

SSIP has trained community navigators and staff that can help give a know your rights training at your church, school, or organization, you can fill out the presentation request here.

How can we request Mariachi Matters to perform at our event?

The Mariachi Matters youth performing ensemble participates primarily in community wide events that support schools, churches, and other non-profits. Mariachi Matters does not perform or book for private events, parties, or social gatherings. Requests are accepted and considered for performances according to availability. Requests submitted with at least 6-8 weeks in advance to performance date will be given priority consideration. You can download our performance request here.

How can I get involved?

Just contact us! Volunteers are always welcome.

Email: info@ssipchicago.org

Phone: 630.296.6755

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