Together, we will get through this.

Despite paying into taxes, immigrant families don’t have full access to a safety net of services.

  • They don’t have access to healthcare benefits to weather this storm, nor a primary care physician they can call for answers.
  • They don’t qualify for unemployment benefits & other public benefits, leaving many to rely on friends who may also be struggling.

Most recently, the federal government failed to include immigrants in its economic stimulus bill. Immigrant families will not receive the support everyone else is going to rely on to pay rent, utilities, and other bills.

That means many immigrant families will have to face this crisis alone.

But they’re not alone

We have organized a Family Solidarity Fund to support workers and families that need relief the most. The SSIP Board of Directors have already raised money to get the fund started.

Now, we’re calling on our community to help support the fund by making a tax-deductible donation.

Everything raised will go directly to community members who don’t qualify for government aid during the COVID-19 health crisis.

This isn’t charity. It’s solidarity. It’s an opportunity to support the members of our community that feel alone in a time of need. Because their health & safety is directly related to the health & safety of us all. 

The pandemic might stop us from standing side-by-side, but we can still help keep each other on our feet. Donate today!

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Charlotte Droogan

$300.00 December 30, 2020

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$100.00 November 12, 2020

Ray and Linda Brown

$50.00 November 11, 2020

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$50.00 November 2, 2020
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$1,000.00 May 28, 2020
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$150.00 May 13, 2020
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